Date: April 19 (Wed) - 21 (Fri), 2017
Venue: Makuhari Messe, Japan  
Booth No. 4B-41
Techno-Frontier 2017 Official Site

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Exibit products

Partial Discharge Tester DAC-PD-7P

● Partial discharge tester with built-in power supply, test voltage Max 5kV.
● Applicable to EN60747-5-2:2002 (VDE routine test).
● Operation in very short tact time (Min 4 sec.) is possible.
● Suitable for production line test. (External control and PASS/FAIL judgment are available.)

More information about DAC-PD-7P

Electrical Steel Sheet Tester Model DAC-BHW-6

DAC-BHW-6 is a single strip tester (SST) to test magnetic characteristics of electromagnetic steel sheets.
Controlling sinusoidal waveform of magnetic flux Max 400Hz, measurements in the ideal condition that minimizes the peak suppression of excitation current are possible.

Lamination Stator Tester Model DAC-LST-3

DAC-LST-3 is designed to test a lamination stator core of motor.
In general testing circuits, distortion in the magnetic flux sine wave caused by output impedance in a power supply suppresses a peak of an excitation electric current. This may lead overestimate of the magnetic materials.
DAC-LST-3 can measure magnetic loss preciously by controlling the magnetic flux voltage up to 400Hz in a sine wave.

More information about DAC-LST-3

Reactor Loss Evaluation System

SOKEN Reactor Loss Evaluation System realizes evaluation of loss values in the large current and high frequency reactor used for DC converters of hybrid cars (HEV) and electric cars (EV). Further, Inductance measurement during DC superimposing is also possible.

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