Our ideal is to produce measuring instruments which contribute to world progress.

As a manufacturer of measuring instruments for industrial equipment, Soken Electric Co., Ltd. has contributed greatly to the design of and quality control for electric machines, transmission & distribution equipment for electric power, home electric appliances, electric insulation materials, and more since its founding in 1974. Taking full advantage of our technological know-how, we are also moving into the field of insulation diagnosis and have been expanding our share of plant maintenance in recent years.

Furthermore, by flexibly following the changes in and increasing diversity of the industry structure, Soken Electric Products has recently expanded its application range to the automobile and semiconductor industries as well.

As a pioneering manufacturer of measuring instruments, we will continue taking great strides forward while satisfying the various demands spanning industry as a whole.

Soken Electric Co., Ltd. is aiming to be the world’s “Measuring Instruments Standard.”